1 Simple Remedy to Naturally Get Rid of Snoring and Sleep Apnea Fast

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This article was originally published by Real Farmacy.

One of the most insidious ways of ruining you or your partner’s holistic health lifestyles is by snoring. We all know how essential it is to get the right amount of sleep, and if you’re constantly awoken or kept awake by your partners snoring; it’s not only frustrating, but long term it will harm your holistic health and well-being.

A major contributor to snoring

One of the things that contributes to snoring is excess mucous. If you can lessen the amount of mucous that builds up in the throat and nasal passengers, you will free up the airways which can reduce or maybe even prevent someone from snoring altogether. One of the simplest and also most pleasant ways to achieve this is by juicing and further below you’ll find a recipe you are recommended to try out on either yourself, or your partner (or both).

The benefits of juicing

Juicing is being taken up my more people every day as a way of improving their nutrition and their health. The fact that the ingredients are raw means that the nutrients they contain remain intact and unadulterated, and the fact that you then juice them means they are so much easier to digest, so you get the full goodness and benefit.

An easy way to get your 5 per day

A lot of people struggle to get their 5 portions of fruit and veggies per day, but juicing makes that an absolute doddle. To get the full benefit from juicing, you should take it on an empty stomach, about half an hour before you eat anything solid. The fact that your stomach is empty means there’s nothing else in it to interfere with the digestion process, and it will speed it up.

To see the complete recipe for to reduce sleep apnea, please visit the original post here. This excerpt was republished with permission from Real Farmacy.