10 Foods To Make Your Metabolism Faster Than Fat Can Be Stored


Many obese people blame their weight on a slow metabolism and although it is true that metabolism is linked to weight, it is not true that a slow metabolism is the reason of excess weight gain. The things that determine how much you weigh it’s your food and beverage intake as well as your physical activity.

Your body uses the metabolism in order to convert what you eat and drink into energy. It is a complex biochemical process where calories in foods and beverages are combined with oxygen to release the energy your body needs to function.

You body  needs energy when you are at rest as well in order to perform all its “hidden” functions like growning, breathing, repearing cells, circulating blood and adjusting hormone levels.




These peppers are an excellent matabolism and hearty boost and it’s all due to capsaicin found in jalapenos. Just remember that deep fried jalapeno peppers do not actually help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. You can add jalapenos in anything else, even the oven, and you will make a delicious finger food that won’t give you a heart attack.


Avocado contains fat, but the good kind and it is great for our body because the high fat content keeps you full while it’s filling you with protein, fiber, and fat. It’s a real metabolism booster. You definitely must add avocado in your diet. You can consume it as your morning smoothie, add it to your lunch, salad or just spread it on your sandwich. It’s a quick and easy boost your body will love you for.


They are a great boost for your metabolism. According the science, they are the best breakfast for those who are looking to improve their metabolism. Consuming them, will keep you full for longer, thus you will be energetic for longer. The high-fiber content will also keep insulin levels regular and prevent fat from forming on your body.


Lean cuts of beef and poultry can support a healthy metabolism. Meat takes a long time to digest, which means they take a lot of energy to digest. This means you’ll be burning fat, and maintain a healthy figure.


As we all know, garlic is one of the most potent natural remedy for many health conditions, so if it’s still not a part of your cooking, it should be. Among all other medicinal benefits, garlic also helps in the process of losing weight. Studies show a direct link between calories burned during daily activities and meals that included garlic that were consumed beforehand. Garlic breath is definitely potent, so remember to brush your teeth right after consuming it or chew some super minty gum.


Rasberries beside being a little metabolims boosters, they are an easy addition to your everyday meal plan. They are packed with fiber and are low in calories, which makes them the best addition to your meals. Stock up on high fiber berries and enjoy the sweetness that comes from boosting your metabolism and feeling great.


Some people love drinking it because of its sweet aroma of freshly brewed green tea, while others use it for its healing benefits. Green tea has been shown to selectively increase the burning of fat by raising fat oxidation by at least 17%. It is enough reason to start your day with a cup of green tea. It will boost your metabolism and in the same time will give you an energy boost.


Some people avoid it because of its bitter taste, but they definitely shouldn’t because this fruit does wonders. It is full of fiber and it will keep you full for a longer period of time, while it will boost your metabolism. It contains acid which helps you break down stored fat in your body. Try having a grapefruit for breakfast, and see the results at the end of the day.


They are a rich source of vitamin C which metabolizes fat super quickly. Beside its delicious taste, another reason why you should consume them is because they will help you boost your immune system. Eat an orange before your next workout and feel energized!


A lot of people just love eating salmon. And why not, when it is full of amazingly beneficial oils, nutrients and omega03 fatty acids. If you consume it on a regular basis, it will lower your body’s leptin hormone levels and will make your body  burn more calories than before. Beside helping you lose weight, it will also give your hair and skin a natural glow.

Source: naturalmedicinebox.net

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