4 Quick Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Bulge And Underarm Flab In Just 3 Weeks (VIDEO)


Many women have problems and feel uncomfortable when wearing a bra because of their back bulge and underarm flab, so they are trying to solve this problem with dfferents diets. If you are one of them and you want to solve this issue, here are 4 qucik and short exercises which are extremely effective. The following exercise can be practiced at home and in order to do it, you can use your hand weight, band with hands, tubing, rubber banding or movement of your hands.

In order to burn fat in a short period of time, do the exercise every day.

  1. Push and touch

Lift your streched arms overhead from the resting position on the sides of the body.If you have hand weights you can use them or even a band. Palms facing forward while standing with your arms streched on the sides, lift them to your sholder level simultaneously than over the head. When you have done the exercise, bring your hand in the initial position. Practice 3 sets with 6 repetitions each.

  1. Bent- over circular row

For doing this exercise properly, you should bent 90 degrees forward, place your feet  shoulder-width apart, then move the dumbbell towards the opposite hands by using each hand at a time and then move it towards the back and the neck to be extended position in a circular motion. Try to practice 3 sets of 10 repetitions each to achieve better results.

  1. Elbow kiss

Spread out the arms each on its side at the level of your shoulders with the palms facing up. By folding each arm at the elbow you should be able to make a 90 degrees angle upwards. Swing the hands folded to the front so that they close in at the elbow with forearms touching on the sides Once you’ve done it, return your hands in the initial position. 10 repetitions in each of the three sets are needed for effectivnes. 

  1. Crisscorss reverse fly

Put your legs apart about the width of your shoulders, slightly bend at the knees for stability and then bend forward at the waist, no more than 90 degrees, so that your head faces down. Hold the hand weight or dumbbell on each hand bent at the elbow and while palms face towards each other. Then raise your hands to the level of or slightly lower than your shoulders. Do three sets each 10 times.
Stop winning on how ugly and uncomfortable you are and get to exercise following these simple straightforward exercises.

For this to work, you need discipline, commitment and consistency. These are not quick fix magical techniques that will make that accumulation of adipose tissue simply melt away.

This is the only way you will effectively manage to get rid of that fat in the proven record time of three weeks.

Source: http://losingweightdone.com/4-quick-exercises-to-get-rid-of-back-bulge-and-underarm-flab-in-just-3-weeks-video/

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