Can’t Sleep? Try A Little Bit Of This “Gold Paste” Before Bed (It’s The Perfect Fuel For Sleeping)

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We all know that honey has many beneficial properties and it can treat coughs, but according to certain studies, it can also improve the quality of sleep.

Dr. Ron Fessenden, conducted a study which showed that honey improves sleep quality, contains an ideal ratio of fructose to glucose to support the liver which is the organ that works non-stop, during the sleeping process.

In this article we will reveal more details on how taking one ot two teaspoons of raw honey before bedtime can help you sleep much better.

Honey Promotes Sleep In Two Ways

  1. Keeps Liver Full

First of all, honey ensured an adequate supply of liver glycogen for the night fast. The liver of an average adult can store about 75 to 100 grams of glycogen. This also dependes whether the person is woman or man and on the body size as well.

Our body consumed about 10 grams of glycogen per hour. For instance, the brain consumes 6.5 grams, and the kidnyes, red blood cellls and the hear 3.5 grams. So when a person eats at 6:00 pm for the last time and it goes to bed at 11:00 pm, the body will have already utilized up to half of the liver’s supply of glycogen, thus leaving less than needed for eight hours of rest.

This is the reason why eating honey before bedtime helps. It actually re-stocks the liver with glycogen and ensures getting through the night before the brain triggers a crisis search for fuel, which would normally wake you up.

  1. Release of Sleeping Hormone

Another important reason to eat honey before bedtime is because it facilitates restorative sleep by contributing to the release of melatonin in the brain. In fact, honey triggers a small spike in insulin levels which stimulates the release of tryptophan in the brain. After that, tryptophan is converted to serotonin which is furthermore converted to melatonin. Melatonin is very important as it inhibits the release of insulin which leads to stabilizing blood sugar levels throughout the night.

Melatonin is essential when it comes to restorative sleep and it is often called “wellness hormone” as it helps to enhance immunity and it facilitates the process of rebuilding the tissues during rest. Beside being helpful when it comes to sleeping, it also can help you heal quicker and revitalizes you for the next day.

Other Benefits Of Honey

  • Honey is a natural anti-bacterial agent with great amount of wound-healing properties and in the past it was used in emergency medicine for its ability to fight infection.
  • Honey can fight inflammatory acne very effectively which is why it is used in organic shampoos and soaps.
  • Honey is a novel antidiabetic agent, it has the ability to reduce blood glucose levels and it more easily tolerated than other sugars.
  • Honey is also a natural microbial which can deal with drug-resistant bacteria and it can reverse antibiotic resistance as well.

Making Honey Part Of Your Diet

People should definitely make honey  a part of their daily diet and substitute sugar with it since when taken in significant amounts, has a whole host of health benefits.

Due to the fact that nowadays it is rather difficult to find sustainable sources of honey, you should use this online locator tool which will help you find apiaries that sell organic raw honey near you.