We Drink It Daily, But Don’t Know That It Causes Breast Cancer

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In Norway has been discovered that people who drink one or half a cup milk during the day, have less chance to suffer from bosom cancer, than people who drink three cups milk daily.

Today we can see lot of people have bosom cancer, and the general problem is the milk. Before this research people believed that milk quickens the advancement of cancer that is already developed, yet now researchers say it might be the purpose behind an expansion of cancer growth in a more extensive scale.

More patients from these study are from Sweden, Finland, Canada, Great Britain and America. They are pioneers in consuming milk. In the societies were milk is not consummated much, the level of these illness is very lower.

Remember that the milk have cancer-causing potential. Also the people with bosom cancer consumed twice as much vitamin D in comparison to others.

But this is not the only factor, reducing the vegetables and fish can also be a cause for cancer. Increased consummation of dough, processed sugar and pork meat can increased the number of cases of breast cancer.

Bras which are too tight can be the reason for these illness. Ladies who wear bras with metal backing and more than 12 hours, can be affected of breast cancer, than the others who wear it less.

Source: healthylifevision.com