Frozen Lemons Method Will Help You Fight The Worst Diseases – Say Goodbye To Diabetes, Tumors, Overweight

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People always say when life gives you lemons, make a limonade, but you can also store them in the freezer and after that you can grind them whenever you want for an intense and amazing, wellbeing kick. Another important thing people should know, is that the best benefits of lemon are contained in its peel.

Many people make a huge mistake when they only juice the lemon or eat just the flesh of the fruit and throw away the peel. However, you should definitely use the whole fruit along with its peel since then, you get about 5 to 10 times more the amount of vitamins and other medical advantages out of them. They are a rich source or vitamins C, B6, A and E and also contain iron, zinc, potassium, copper, folate, calcium, phosphorus, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin and protein.

Moreover, they also contain limonoids and flavonoids which have malignancy fighting and prevention properties. Lemon has the ability to eliminate or reduce different types of tumors, decrease weight, mitigate fevers, control hypertension, calm acid reflux and obsturction and prevent diabetes. It can also fight germs and microscopic organisms due to its citiric acid. Many people tend to use lemon to clean and brighten their skin.

Research has found that a whole lemon has about 22 anticancer agents, including:

  • limonene
  • citrus pectin
  • flavonol glycosides
  • vitamin C

The best way to get all the beneficial properties of lemons is to freeze them before consumption.

First of all, you should wash lemon thoroughly, dry them completely and then seal them in a freezer pack. Store them in your freezer until their usage.

The great part about freezing lemons is that they are less demanding to grate. Since the domintant part of the medical advantages is in the peel, you should definitely grind them instead of squeezing them.

When your lemons are frozen, you should take them out and cut off one of the ends of the lemon. After that, start grinding it with the flat side against the grater.

This way is easier and it eliminates the danger of it slipping while you are shredding it up.

Once they are grated, store the lemon gratings in a container or use them to flavor dishes with. Grated lemon only adds to the flavor of your dishes and it makes them very delicious.

Make sure to use this method and your brain, body and palette will be grateful. Enjoy both their taste and benefits.