How To Get Pregnant With A Boy Or A Girl

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Some gender selection methods claim that they are the best and more accurate than others. The “shettles method” is a gender selection method used for many years and it faces various comments from believers and skeptics. But most of the people’s wish is healthy baby, the gender is not on the first place.

Dr. Shettles advises gender selection methods which are supported by scientific proofs. His method has two particular advantages: it will not cost you money and doesn’t need medical treatments to conceive.

Two types of sperm are produced by men – X – the female and Y – the male. The gender of the baby depends of the chromosomes in the sperm. Dr. Shettles states that male chromosomes are smaller, weaker and faster than the female chromosomes, which are larger, stronger and slower. He listed some advices which will help the couples to choose the gender of their baby.

How to conceive a boy:

Dr. Shettles suggests these tips to conceive a baby boy:

Restrain from having a sex 4-5 days before ovulation since this is important for accumulating your partner’s sperm amount. You should have sex with your partner as close to the ovulation as possible, or at the day of ovulation since this is the period when the woman is most fertile. The Y sperm is faster when released just before the ovulation, which means that it will reach the egg sooner than the X sperm.

In the period before ovulation, the alkalinity of the “egg white” cervical mucus is highest and the best vaginal environment for the Y sperm to thrive. The sex near the ovulation days is recommendable because the Y sperm will not have the same characteristics in less alkaline environment.

Since the alkalinity is increased during the female orgasm, Dr. Shettles recommends having orgasm before or at the same time with the male partner. Also, while having an orgasm, the female reproductive system shrinks, which only eases the way of the Y sperm to the egg.

When it comes to the sex position, Dr. Shettles advises doggy position or any other position that allows deep penetration. This allows the sperm to be ejected closer to the cervix, and shortens the distance between the Y sperm and the egg.

How to conceive a girl:

Dr. Shettles recommends the following:

Now, Dr. Shettles recommends sex before the ovulation days as much as possible. You should restrain from sex 2-3 days before and on the day of ovulation. Sperm can survive for six days in the female reproductive system, ensuring the stronger X sperm to remain and fertilize the egg.

You should have sex that allows shallow penetration, such as the missionary since it pulls the sperm lower in the reproductive system into the more acidic environment. As mentioned before, the Y sperm cannot do well in this environment.

The women shouldn’t have sex during the fertile period since the female orgasm raises the alkalinity in the reproductive system, where the Y sperms use the benefits.

Numerous people don’t acknowledge this method because it is not scientifically proven.

Moreover, if you are implementing this method and cannot conceive after 2-3 months, you should have sex near the ovulation period as much as you can.

If you like to have a boy or girl, you can try with this method, it is free and all you need is to know your fertility signals and recognize your ovulation period.