Goldfish – An Exercise That Will Become The Salvation For Your Spine

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There are some parts of the body to which people pay a little or no attention at all. One such part of the body is the spine, which must be kept healthy because if your spine is healthy, then you are healthy as well and vice versa.

According to Kacudzo Nishi, a Japanese healer, the reason for all diseases should be sought in the spine. Luckily, there is an exercise named “Goldfish” which if practiced on a daily basis, it will strenghten your spine and it will have a positive influence on your general condition.

What is the uniqueness of this exercise?

With this exercise, you are affecting the nerves which exist in the spinal column and it helps you eliminate pressure. Goldfish exercise allows you a correction of the spine, but also regulates the physiological functions of all systems and organs, coordinates the work of external and internal nervous system, corrects posture, increases blood regulation, improves the blood to supply each cell in the body, it improves the function of the skin, heart, liver, brain, kidney and intestines.

In order to get the maximum effects you should pefrom this exercise in the morning and in the evening. If you are a beginner, start with 1 minute and gradually increase the time up to 3 minutes. You will be able to see the results after several days, and your bidy will thank you. You will love this exercise.

Exercise – Goldfish

Starting Position: to perform the exercise you will need to lie on your back on a flat bad or on the fllor whith your face up and stretch your hands as much as you can and place them behind your head, while your legs should be completely straight and your feet are at a right angle to the fuselage; your toes at all times strive for the face. Pete and thighs are resting on the floor (especially part).

Make sure to do some stretching before doing this exercise. You should stretch to the count of 7.  Stretch your spine in different directions: pull your right heel on the floor above, with your hands outstretched at the same time stretch the opposite side. Repeat this with your left side. You should perform the stretching for 5 to 7 times, with each feet and both hands.

Performing exercises:

Your hands should be placed under the cervical vertebrae, your elbows bent, your whole body weight to the floor, put the legs together and your toes should tend to face all the  “bumps” (i.e, neck, shoulder, pelvis, sheets, fifth) to guess the floor.

Once you are in this position, you need to start with a quick wiggle (vibration) of the body from right to left, like a fish that swims fast. While doing that, the backbone shoul be stationary.

Imagine you are a fish and vibrates rape, even your body will start to vibrate. This exercise should be done for 1-2 minutes (or count to 120 or 240).

Performing this exercise helps you increase  pumping blood in the veins because all muscles in your body are straining, especially in the veins of the lower limbs that makes the blood come back to the heart. The blood flow accelerates.

At first it will be a little unusual, but you quickly get used to and love this exercise.

This exercise is amazing and very effective. After a short period of time, you will feel all of its benefits for sure.