How to Stop Skin Inflammation (and 5 other tricks) With One Tea Bag


If you drink tea, and you probably should, then you throw away tea bags on a daily basis. Green tea, black tea, ginseng and peppermint, they all end up in the trash. But did you know those tea bags actually have a whole bunch of other uses?

In fact, even unused tea bags have some pretty cool uses besides just brewing a healthy cup of tea. Here are some tea bag health tips that will help you out around your home and save you some money.

6 Awesome Tea Bag Health Tips

1. For Skin Irritations

After enjoying a cup of tea save the bag and let it cool down. You can then run in under cold water and apply it directly to any skin irritation you may have, including any bruises, sunburns, or mosquito bites. This will help soothe the affected area, reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

2. For Signs of Aging

Similarly, you can also place a cool, used tea bag under your eyes to help get rid of dark circles, wrinkles, and any puffiness. You can make this a regular habit after drinking your morning cup of tea and it should help you look younger.

3. For Shoe Odor

Smelly shoes can be the worst, especially in the summertime when your feet get extra hot and sweaty. But dry tea bags can help save the day.

Simply place a tea bag in each smelly shoe and leave it there to absorb the smell overnight. When you put your shoes on the next morning, they should be as good as new.

Keeping a teabag in your gym bag can also help to remove the smell, as can hanging one in your car.

4. For Your Smelly Fridge

Despite our best efforts to keep our fridges clean, somehow or another they always end up smelling like something funky and mysterious. Luckily, tea bags can help here too.

Just place a few in an open container and leave them in your fridge until the smell is gone. They have an amazing ability to absorb odors, even funky and mysterious ones.

5. For Your Dirty Dishes

Scrubbing pots and pans can be a real chore. I know I often let mine soak for as long as possible, but even then some dishes require some elbow grease.

Adding a tea bag to your sink, however, can really make the job easier. The tea works as a natural degreaser, so when you get around to washing your dishes, it should be a breeze.

6. For Bugs and Rodents

To keep bugs and rodents out of your house, you can place tea bags in cupboards and pantries. Peppermint tea works especially well because most bugs and mice dislike the smell.

So there you have it, six awesome ways you can use tea bags. From smelly shoes to pest control, they really can do it all. And that’s not even mentioning the health benefits of drinking it.


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