Why Is This Hidden From The Public: Top 10 Causes Of Cancer That We Use Daily

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The pharmaceutical industry hides a valuable information from the public when it comes to cancer remedies because they make money from this deadly illness. Nevertheless, in this article we will present you 10 factors that cause cancer, so you can start avoiding them.

Here is the list:

Hormones in meat and milk

Nowadays, most of the domestic animals consume food that is filled with unnatural hormones in order to increase the production of meat and milk. The hormones added in their food are known to cause inflammation, cancer and many other dangerous diseases.

Mammography, dental X-rays, scanners at the airport

Numerous studies have discovered that X-rays have dangerous effects on  our health. They are closely connected to cancer and some other illnesses and the industry never talks about that.

Aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants

Deodorants and antiperspirants are very dangerous for our health since many studies have confirmed that the aluminium included in them can cause breast cancer. The experts have found high amounts of aluminum in the tumors.

Toxic cosmetics

Our largest organ is the skin so we must be careful what type of cosmetics we use. We often tend to expose our skin to preparative and decorative cosmetics which are loaded with petroleum and coal tar. All those harmful substances are penetrating the skin and enter into our bloodstream, making a perfect fertile ground for cancer cells. In order to keep your skin healthy, make sure to always use natural cosmetics.

GMO soy and corn

It has been discovered that most of the soy found in the markets across the United States is GMO. If you like to drink soy milk or any other soy product, you may start considering other alternatives because these products contain hemagglutinin, which turns the red corpuscles into clots. Moreover, the soy increases the estrogen levels in your organism. Instead of soy, you should use cow, rice or any other milk that is organic.

Artificial sweeteners

Never use refined sugar since it rapidly increases the insulin levels in our organism. You should also avoid soda as it contains fructose which is carcinogenic substance, and it includes caramel color which is also a carcinogen. Eliminate soda because it makes your body acidic which is perfect environment for cancer to develop and its cells to expand,

Fluoridated water

Fluoride pollutes the water and eliminates the minerals from your organism. It makes your immune system weaker. You should drink spring water or some fluoride-free water that will not do any harm.

Medications, vaccines

Make sure to find a doctor who can be trusted and who will recommend you a healthy lifestyle and nutrition if you want to prevent cancer. Moreover, try to avoid medications from the pharmacies because you will only increase the profit of the pharmaceutical companies and you will still have health problems.

Canned foods

Try to avoid canned food as much as possible because most commonly, the cans include a substance called bisphenol A which kills the brain cells in mice. Beside cans, there are plenty of plastic products that also contains this harmful substance, such as plastic bottles, dental composites, thermal paper, etc.

Commercial soaps, shampoos, tooth pastes, creams

Since our skin absorbs everything that is applied to it, you should be careful what you use for personal hygiene. Many products like soaps, toothpastes, shampoos, etc. contain harmful substances that are penetrating into our bloodstream. Moreover, hair dyes, parfumes, animal by-product can be carcinogenic as well. in order to protect yourself and your family, start using natural products. An old saying goes like this: If you don’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!

Source: timeforhealthyfood.com