7 New Ways to Use Honey as Alternative Medicine… That Actually Work!

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by Asher Hammond

Did you know that honey is one of the only foods on this earth that will never spoil? That’s right! Technically, you could share a jar of honey with your great, great, great grandmother and you’d both experience the same sweet and decadent taste.

But honey isn’t just here to give your tastebuds a treat, honey has also been used for thousands of years as an alternative form of medicine!

Once referred to as the Nectar of Gods, honey is jammed packed with the following vitamins and minerals:

– Vitamin B6

– Thiamin

– Niacin

– Riboflavin

– Pantothenic acid

– Amin acids

– Iron

– Magnesium

– Copper

– Calcium

– Manganese

– Potassium

– Sodium

– Zinc

– Antioxidants

Bonus: honey is fat free and cholesterol free!

Honey as Alternative Medicine

1. Sore Throat Remedy

Mix honey and citrus fruits together in a resealable jar and let sit for a couple of hours at room temperature. The honey has soothing effects on your sore and dry throat and the citrus fruit will help kill unwanted bacteria that may be causing your throat pain in the first place!

Honey also has natural anti-inflammatory properties that will help your throat feel immediate relief. As the honey coats your throat, you will be able to swallow more easily without the pain and scratchy feeling of a sore throat.

2. Skin Cleanser and Acne Fighter

Mix your raw honey with plain yogurt and apply the mixture to the effected area. This acne treatment can be used anywhere on your body as it is extremely gentle.

Honey and yogurt both act as anti-inflammatories so they’ll reduce the red, angry look that acne often has. Yogurt is a pH balancer which is necessary in attaining healthy, clear skin as sometimes acne is caused by a yeast build up.

3. Weight Loss Drink

Every morning when you wake up, start your day with a glass of hot water, honey and lemon. When you have an empty stomach the water and lemon and honey detox your body of unwanted toxins.

Both lemon and honey have been proven to boost your metabolism, which is a great way to prepare your body for the rest of the day. As well, consuming a glass of water, lemon and honey before meals will help you feel less hungry and allow you to eat smaller portions.

4. Ginger Honey Mixture for Stomach Aches

By mixing honey with fresh ginger root, you can make an incredible remedy for stomach aches, nausea and indigestion. Ginger adds more anti-inflammatory power to honey and it also brings with it a natural stomach calmer.

5. Toothache Relief Honey Juice

This unique use for honey as alternative medicine calls for both honey and cloves. This spice has an extremely powerful anesthetic called eugenol, which will help relieve the pain in the root of your teeth and gums.

Cloves also contain antibacterial properties, so when combined with honey you get an extremely strong antibacterial agent that can kill the bacteria inside your mouth.

6. Acid Reflex Drink

Honey and apple cider vinegar make the perfect natural remedy for acid reflux. It may seem strange to add something seemingly acidic to your body when you’re enduring acid reflex, but apple cider vinegar actually balances your pH levels. Apple cider vinegar’s medicinal benefits are extremely versatile and effective on their own as well!

7. Moisturizer and Exfoliant

All you need for this scrub is honey, brown sugar, and milk! When these 3 ingredients are mixed together they create an excellent alternative medicine for dry, irritated skin. The ingredients will exfoliate and help protect your skins moisture levels.

If you have sensitive skin, ensure that the brown sugar has dissolved in the milk before you apply the mixture to your skin. On rougher areas like your elbows and feet, do not wait for the sugar to dissolve.