The Household Spice That Destroys Cancer Cells, Stops Heart Attacks And Rebuilds The Gut

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You probably already know that cayenne plant is a hot spice, but beside its taste, this spice is amazing natural ingredient that can improve your digestion by rebuilding your gut wall. Moreover, its consumption can help you prevent or reduce your risk of heart attack.

Its benefits don’t not stop here. This amazing spice is also capable of destroying cancer cells with ruthless efficiency due to the fact that it is abundant in calcium, potassium, and vitaminc A, C and B complex.

If you are dealing with mucus in your respiratory tract, cayenne is the right solution for you since it warms your body and In that way it stimulates the release of mucus. Once you ingiest this pepper which is also referred to as a diaphoretic, you will start sweating and your sinuses will be cleared.

Your body temperature will rise as you take the spice as it will boost the blood circulating under your skin.

Cayenne pepper is proven to be effective in the treatment of cancer  because it contains capsaicin.

Researchers from the University Of Pittsburgh, School Of Medicine conducted a study on patients with pancreatic cancer who were treated with this compound. They discovered that cayenne pepper inhibits mitochondrial function and also induces programmed cell death in cancerous cells known as apoptosis. The best part is that the normal pancreatic cells remain unharmed.

There was another similar research conducted in 2006 by the scientist from UCLA School of Medicine who discovered that capsaicin was effective in destroying prostate cancer cells.

As we previoudly mentioned, cayenne pepper is great for your digestion but it also helps in combating obesity. All you have to do is to consume 10 grams of this spice along with your meals and your appetite will be reduced which will make you eat less. Moreover, it can raise the metabolism of dietary fats, but it can be used to sterilize wounds and stop them from bleeding as well.

This amazing spice is also excellent ingredient for eradicating parasites and worms from your intestinal tract. If you are dealing with such problems, all you have to do is to drink a mixture of ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a glass of juice or water.

However, you must not consume too much of this spice at a time so as not to experience an irritation of your bowls and as a consequence, you may experience diarrhea.

The next time you do your grocery shopping, do not forget to include cayenne pepper and start using it immediately.