How Bacon Can Destruct Your Health

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Did you know that average American eats almost twenty pounds bacon annually? I know, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Why? Because for a vast amount of Americans bacon is simply delicious and it’s the perfect addition to any breakfast meal or lunch sandwich. Unfortunately, eating mass produced bacon could be seriously detrimental to your family’s health.

Previously, we’ve seen how some factory farms are not only inhumane and cruel to these animals; they also produce meat cuts that are riddled with a number of parasites and viruses.

To add insult to injury, they all end up right on your dinner table.

The Industry’s Solution for This Disgusting Issue

Instead of addressing the issue directly by making overhauls to their sanitation protocols and improving the living conditions of their livestock, the global pork industry opted to sacrifice their customer’s health so they could increase their profits.

That’s right, these businesses doubled down and opted to complement their deadly cocktails of growth hormones and GMO feed with a heavy hint of antibiotics.

The Horrifying Numbers

Let’s use 2010 as an example, a study showed that almost 63,000 thousand tons of antibiotics were used annually to raise pigs, chickens, and cows.

Now this is the scary part: that’s almost more than double the amount of antibiotics prescribed to humans to actually treat infections.

Out of this massive antibiotic use, the pork industry is the chief offender because it uses four times of antibiotics per pound of meat compared to the beef industry. And that’s not even the limit, some experts estimate that this will increase even more within the next twenty years.

The Worst Places in the World to Be a Pig

China, by far, consumes the most insane amount of antibiotics because more than half of the entire world’s porcine population resides within their factory farms.

Unfortunately, the US does not fall far behind. It actually uses up to 10% of the antibiotics used globally. Brazil and Germany are also not exempt from this horrifying misuse of antibiotics.

What the Future Holds

And it only gets more complicated because as countries become richer, their populations begin to rely even more on meat products in their diet. This in turn means, that antibiotic use in the industry is only likely to increase its use.

If you’re hoping that legislation will actually deter this industry from abusing antibiotics, don’t count on it.

Europe is usually seen as an example for healthy food legislation and with good reason. However, it’s almost powerless against the industry.

Why? Because in 2006, the European Union actually banned these products with little impact on antibiotic use.

It’s a Bacterial World

If things keep on going in the present course, the future seems almost a bleak as the most popular dystopian narratives. To make it short, overusing antibiotics will eventually develop antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Think about it, if that happens our entire healthcare could be become obsolete to treat simple bacterial infections.

But if you like eating pork, know that you have options. Look for suppliers that comply with humane and organic standards. Fortunately, one chain is finally seeing the light.