How Every Type of Chronic Pain Might Be Connected to Your Spine (And How to Fix It)

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This article was originally published by Mama Bee.

I don’t want to sound ridiculous or “asking for things” but I haven’t felt back pain for more than 5 years.

I know for sure that this is a product of being active through the day. This is why I always ask from you to be more active and start exercising once and for all.

People who work while sitting on a desk always experience back pain. Sometimes their organs are struggling to keep their healthy level.

The spine problems often cause pain in the most random places of your body. And that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that you don’t know that it’s the spine’s fault for this pain.

Like any other person in this world, you are focusing on the place that hurts. You are trying different treatments, but the effect is minimal.

This is why I decided to write this post.

I found an infographic that will help you understand what organ is closely attached to the spine.

This describes the pain you’ve been feeling in certain organs.

Depending on where you feel the pain, in what area or organ, you should check if there is something wrong with the spine.

Treatment and further strengthening of the spine will help you relieve the pain and get rid of all the problems with other organs.

I advise you to check with your physiotherapist. He will tell you if you have some spine issues or not.

As a bonus here is a video where you can do full spine stretching and exercises.

Yoga. It’s calming, peaceful and amazing!

If some of your friends recently complained about spine or organ pain, share this with them!

This article was republished with permission from Mama Bee. Please visit the original post here.

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