Relieve Your Migraines Fast By Doing This One Thing (and it’s not pain medication!)

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29Lavender essential oil for migraines may be the easiest, fastest way to seek relief from your migraines.

Do you suffer from migraines? Then you are one of approximately 37 million migraine sufferers in the United States. 2 to 3 million of these individuals suffer from chronic migraine and another 5 million have at least one major migraine each month.

Overall, it is estimated that around 11 million Americans are at least moderately disabled due to their migraines. Some of the people cannot even work because of the difficulties they face, including severe pain and the debilitating effects of having a major migraine.

What is a Migraine?

A migraine is basically an intense, severe headache with an extreme range of symptoms. The majority of those that suffer from migraines experience sensitivity to light, throbbing or pulsating pain, nausea, sound sensitivity, and even vomiting.

The combination of effects can make it difficult to accomplish anything. Luckily, researchers have been working on new ways to combat migraines and it turns out that lavender oil for migraines could be the solution.

Researchers Confirm the Benefits of Lavender Oil

In 2012, the department of Neurology, at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, conducted a trial to test the effects of lavender essential oil for relieving migraines.

The trial that was conducted included a total of 47 participants. Each of these volunteers had been diagnosed with migraines. They were randomly placed into two groups. The first group was required to add two to three drops of lavender essential oil to their upper lip and inhale the vapors.

The second group was given the same set of instruction, except they were unwittingly given unscented liquid wax. Each group was then told to score the severity of their migraine, two hours after it first occurred.

Around 74% of the participants that were given lavender essential oil reported that they experienced less severe migraines. Overall, they also reported fewer total migraines than the group with the placebo. The lavender oil was able to help three-fourths of the migraine sufferers that participated in this study.

Lavender Oil Contains Pain Killing Properties

Even though this was a relatively small study, and more research is needed to completely authenticate the benefits of lavender essential oil for migraines, researchers are already aware of some of the properties of lavender oil.

They know that it contains analgesic and sedative properties. Offering pain killing capability with substances that can improve mood and limit anxiety, there could potentially be a lot of uses for lavender oil – other than treating migraines.

Lavender oil may also be capable of acting as a spasmolytic, to help prevent spasms, and antihypertensive, which could be useful for correcting high blood pressure. Other benefits include the antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties of lavender essential oil.

Lavender Essential Oil Versus Over the Counter Pain Killers

The study mentioned above included a success rate of 74%. When compared to pharmaceuticals that can be purchased at any grocery store or pharmacy, lavender essential oil remained the most effective.

Studies have shown that Tylenol helps about half of migraine sufferers, while Ibuprofen helped around 57% of the time. Imitrex, which is a popular prescription drug for controlling migraines, was found to be only 59% effective.

If you suffer from migraines, give the technique used in the study a try. Apply two to three drops of lavender essential oil on your upper lip and inhale the vapors for several minutes. See if your migraines clear up, so that you can stop relying on less effective medications.


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