Man Cures Cancer with 2 Natural Ingredients (and His Doctors Still Don’t Know How!)

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6This article was originally published by Healthy Food House.

The conventional cancer treatments include chemotherapy as an only way to fight this disease, but unfortunately, it harms the body even more than the cancer itself.

That is the reason why cancer patients turn to natural medicine, seeking for a safer way to treat cancer. Namely, a great number of people have succeeded in defeating this deadly disease with homemade remedies and natural herbs.

Some of them used carroyts, others cannabis or turmeric and baking soda, but the newest remedy is honey.

Honey has been considered to be a holy food for centuries, since it is one of the most important natural remedies known to men. Throughout the history, it was constantly used due to its numerous health benefits, mostly by wealthy people as it was quite expensive.

Explorers discovered bowels with honey in Tutankhamen’s Tomb which is over 3000 years old. Romans and Greeks used the honey to strengthen the body and to heal wounds.

13 years ago, a man from Zagreb, called Ante Kresic from Zagreb, was told he had one of the deadliest cancers- lung cancer. Moreover, he was informed  that he won’t live much longer.

Yet, he is perfectly healthy man today, due to his natural cancer treatment with honey and natural herbs. He defeated lung cancer and now he keeps bees.

He was released from the hospital in April and he decided to try the honey treatment. After several months he went for a regular check-up in the hospital in Zagreb, and the doctors were shocked because he was still alive.

Hence, they advised him to proceed with consuming his homemade remedies and therapies. In summer, his disease was gone. When he had his blood checked, there was no sign that he has ever been ill.

Afterwards, Kresic decided to share his experience in order to help people with similar problems like his one.

This article was republished with permission from Healthy Food House. You can find the original here.