Your Nose Can Tell Much About Your Personality

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It may sound strange to you, but the size, the shape and the structure of your nose can tell many things about your personality. Let’s find out more about different noses.

  1. The Turned Up Nose

Long, curved and upward tip nose. It indicates to optimistic, positive and enthusiastic people who have a strong bond with family and friends. Victoria Beckham is this kind of person.

  1. The Greek Nose

This type of nose is long and straight. People that have this type of nose are hardworking, facts-based and serious. They hide their emotions. Michelangelo’s David is the one.

  1. The Snub Nose

People with relatively small nose, they are quick-witted and streetwise. They also react quickly but they can be even aggresive sometimes. Lili Allen is this kind of person.

  1. The Roman Nose

Roman nose is the type of nose halfway down the ridge with a small bump. People with this type of nose have strong personality, they boost intensity and are very good in supporting other people to take action. They are strong in heart and influential. Sophia Coppola fits into this description.

  1. The Nubian Nose

This type of nose is short in length and wider in width. People with this type of nose are creative and passionate with charisma. Barack Obama fits in this description.

  1. The Aquiline Nose

This type of nose is pointy, straight and sits to 90 degree angle. People who have this type of nose are business-mind, dominant and generally atractive. Sounds like Daniel Radcliffe.

  1. The Hawk Nose

This nose is long with a hook at the tip and it points down. People with this type of nose structure don’t care what other people think of them, they are rebelles and often work hard. Sounds like Barbra Streisand.

  1. The Celestial Nose

It is not very common type of nose, not many people have it but those who have it, they are very attractive. On the other hand, they often struggle to reach spiritual and physical maturity. Still, they look so good. Like Carey Mulligan.