The 5 Most Amazing Egg Tricks For Your Kitchen

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The most important trick to eggs is making sure that they’re fresh. The best way to get really fresh eggs is to somehow befriend a farmer, but that’s not really possible for all of us.

If you can’t get to a farm, make sure you are reading the dates on your eggs correctly to ensure that you are at least getting the freshest possible. Your reward will be eggs with big, bright yolks with a much better taste.

Since more and more nutritionists are coming around to the idea that the dietary cholesterol we’ve traditionally been told to avoid, might not be so bad after all, there’s never been a better time to indulge in some home cooked eggs. Here are some cool and practical tricks:

The 5 Most Practical Egg Tricks

  1. The Are They Good Trick

Sometimes eggs get pushed to the back of your fridge and forgotten for who knows how long. Having a good way to check if to see if they’re still good can be quite handy.

Here’s what you do: simply fill a large bowl with water and then gently drop your eggs in. If they fall to their side, they’re good to go. If they balance on their narrow end, they’re getting close to bad, so eat them quick. If they float, throw them away.

  1. The Egg Cracker

Cracking an egg wrong can suck. You get yolk all over your hands and shell everywhere. But with a little practice and the right technique, you’ll be cracking eggs perfectly in no time.

Here’s what you do: do the classic tapping on a hard surface to get a small crack started. Then hold the egg in one hand and push the top half up with your thumb while pulling the bottom half down with your middle and ring finger. Use your index finger for support.

  1. The Sleeve Scrambler

Making scrambled eggs is already pretty straightforward, but this tip is too amazing not to share.

Here’s what you do: put an egg into the sleeve of a long-sleeved shirt and then tie it off at both ends so that the egg can’t fly out. Then grab the sleeve at either end, spin the egg around in a circular motion, and then pull it tight. Repeat this about ten times.

Then pull the egg out and cook it in boiling water. Once cooked, crack it open to reveal a perfectly scrambled egg!

  1. The Separator

Separating yolks from whites can be a messy hassle. This is a cool and easy way to get it done.

Here’s what you do: once you have your egg cracked open, grab a bottle and squeeze it a little. Then hover the end of the bottle over the yolk and release the pressure, sucking up the yolk. Done!

  1. The Hard Boiled Easy Peeler

Sometimes when making hardboiled eggs, the shells just don’t want to cooperate.

Here’s what you do: place the hard-boiled egg in a container with a little bit of water and then shake it up. The shell should then peel right off. Check out this video to see an example.