Skip The Gum. Chew These 7 Herbs For Fresh Breath Instead

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Here at the Family Health Freedom Network, we want to provide you with information and tools so you and your family can live life full of health. That goes for large issues, such as fighting heart disease, or cancer. But also day-to-day wellness tips, like these all natural approaches to fresher breath.

For many of us, bad breath is a temporary – yet inconvenient – problem.

Provided that your unfit breath isn’t induced by digestive troubles, periodontal disease, or similar medical problems, utilizing herbs and natural means to freshen your breath are effective and safe.

Great Ideas for Herbal Breath Fresheners

This is an herb – or, more correctly, a spice – that carries cineole, which acts as an antiseptic. Chew a couple of seeds to make your breath smell spicy and clean your mouth.

A derivative of this familiar flora, eucalyptol, is actually utilized in commercial mouthwashes. It likewise contains cineole. Crush 1-2 oz. of the leaves and add them to a cupful of vodka; steep for a few days and filter out the leaves, or merely leave the leaves in. Use as a mouthwash as required to battle bad breath.

3. Parsley
There’s a reason why parsley is served as a garnish on restaurant dinner plates. Chewed after a meal, parsley freshens up breath. It contains a good deal of chlorophyll, which accounts for its breath-freshening capabilities.

4. Anise
If you like licorice, give anise a taste. It’s an ancient cure for bad breath. You could also chew on the seeds, or construct a decoction by simmering three teaspoonfuls of anise seeds in a cupful of water for 3-5 minutes. Cool off, strain, and utilize as a mouthwash.

5. Dill

Another chlorophyll-rich herb, drinking dill tea or chewing on a couple of dill seeds after a meal freshens up breath.

6. Fresh mint
Raising mints in pots is rather easy, and snipping off a couple of leaves and chewing them helps to make your breath fresh.

7. Cloves
Chewing a couple of cloves will give your breath a spicy aroma. Clove is also antibacterial, and oil of cloves is a traditional remedy for toothache.

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