Study: Eating This Type of Butter Can Drastically Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

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This article was originally published by Real Farmacy.

Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me! Is butter really bad?
Even back in the 60s and 70s sufficient scientific evidence indicated that butter was far better than margarine for your health. Nevertheless, the fake, chemically laced, processed food industry along with its partner in crime junk science relentlessly convinced millions upon millions of Americans to eat margarine instead, because it was “scientifically” proven to be superior to butter for health reasons. The establishment mantra repeated over and over again has been that saturated fats make you obese and sick and are the primary culprit behind the explosion in cardiovascular disease. But is it true?

Consider this from

Feeding high doses of fat and cholesterol to omnivores, like rats and dogs, does not produce atherosclerotic lesions in them …
In fact, it turns out that people who have highest percentage of saturated fat in their diets have the lowest risk of heart disease …
The last word on this subject should go to Julia Child … Enjoy eating saturated fats, they’re good for you!” [1]

The processed, food industrial complex successfully created an unholy alliance with Madison Avenue, the AMA, and the lame-stream media to con Americans into believing that margarine, a highly synthetic, plastic like, nutritionally devoid, additive laced substance made from cheap, low grade, refined oils was somehow superior to real butter from grass fed cows.

“Not only does butter taste incomparably better, it’s a natural product that human beings have been eating and cooking with for centuries without -damaging their health.” [2]

Fake Fat Damage

Partially hydrogenated fatty acids found in margarine damage arteries and blood vessels. They lower good cholesterol, and raise blood levels of triglycerides and lipoproteins leading to cardiovascular damage. They also raise C-reactive protein, an inflammatory and cellular dysfunction marker.

To see the full story on which type of butter is the healthiest, please visit the original article here. This excerpt was published with permission from Real Farmacy.