The Dangers Of Drinking Bottled Water

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Access to safe drinking water is a basic human right and luckily the U.S. has the safest water in the world to consume.

But right now, there is a giant threat to the water we drink. And it’s coming straight from the beverage industry.

Big Bev’s Bottled Water Scam

The beverage industry, or Big Bev, accounts 30% of sales to bottled water. Global companies like PepsiCo, the Coca-Cola Company and Nestle are raking in $110 billion each year in bottled water sales.

The profits on bottled water are outrageous with an increase price of up to 2,000 times more than the water we get from a tap.

In other words, if you want to throw money down the drain, buy bottled water.

But Wait… Isn’t Bottled Water Safer?

False. Bottled water is barely regulated and has shown concerning levels of fluoride and arsenic and endocrine disruptors in independent testing. This is because bottled water doesn’t require the same standards from the FDA as public water requires from the Environmental Protections Agency (EPA) standards.

While the EPA has strict rules for public water to be monitored regularly and tested frequently for bacteria and microbes like E. coli, the same does not hold true for the FDA and bottled water.

The FDA doesn’t even require certified labs to test their water. Yikes.

What’s more, bottlers aren’t required to send reports to regulators about problems they may find in the water. There are also no requirements for disinfection or filtration, but you can bet water utilities must meet these basic needs.

OK, But Doesn’t the Government Add Chemicals to Our Water?

Yes, but so do the other guys.

While providing transparency with the content of water is necessary for public water resources, bottlers do not need to add a full list of ingredients to their label.

According to Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch, the figures Big Bev don’t want you to see “reveal that more and more bottled water is basically the same product that flows from consumer taps, subsidized by taxpayer dollars—then poured into an environmentally destructive package, and sold for thousands of times its actual value.”

Sure, bottlers may run your tap water through an additional filter before bottling it. But that didn’t stop the city of Cleveland from finding 6.31 micrograms of arsenic per bottle of brand name Fiji water in an independent study. In fact, the study results showed that the city’s tap water was the purest when compared to Fiji and other brands like Dasani, Evian, and Aquafina.

Not to mention that the plastic bottles are also adding chemicals to the water all on their own.

Big Bev Has Been Selling You Fear

Big Bev companies have millions of dollars to spend on marketing to manipulate the population into believing tap water isn’t safe, is full of chemicals, and poses a threat to public health.

But the only threat is Big Bev itself.

The beverage industry is going so far as to even take out public water fountains in stadiums to force fans to buy bottled water at a considerable mark-up. Soon, you won’t be able to ask for water at a restaurant without having to buy a bottle instead.

Say goodbye to your rights to clean water – Cause Big Bev has already bottled and sold it back to you.