The Scary Truth Behind E-Cigarettes

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A recent craze in the world of smoking has taken the population by storm. With the introduction of e-cigarettes people believe they have found an alternative for tobacco products. But is this really true?

By the looks of things e-cigarettes seem like the perfect solution to the cancer causing tobacco products that have ruled for decades. Tobacco has been known to cause cancer, in specific lung cancer. Dealing with a disease like this is not easy and potentially very painful.

The facts about smoking

Many people associate lung cancer with smoking, and they would be right to do so. Lung cancer is a horrible disease and kills many people each year. Imagine having a constant cough and difficulty breathing, in addition to feeling increasing weak.

These are just some of the most common symptoms of lung cancer, and they are quite painful.  Decreasing weight loss and feelings of confusion are very common in many cancer cases.

Facts like these have been scaring smokers for many years. Smokers are constantly looking for new ways to get their fix and avoid all the chemicals. The general belief is that smoking is the most dangerous cause of cancer.

But what if I told you there’s something out there that could be potentially 10x more dangerous, what would you think? Chances are your curiosity would get the best of you, which would lead to some research on your part. But I’m going to do the work for you.

We threw some research into the mix

The Japanese Ministry of Health has made some interesting discoveries. They have found that e-cigarettes can fuel a potentially life-threatening pathogen. This isn’t good news for those people who believed they had found an alternative for their nicotine addiction.

Enough evidence has been gathered to warn people, in specific children, of the harmful causes of e-cigarettes. This comes as a shock for many people, but governments and associations around the world recognize this threat.

This may not be a surprise for some given the fact that these e-cigarettes have recently been introduced. For years people didn’t know that smoking was bad for them. That was until the proper research was done.

Avoid smoking completely

Much is the same for this e-cigarette craze as it was for the cigarette craze. Science has already provided evidence that this new fad may be more harmful to our bodies. This is potentially dangerous for the youth of this generation.

Many young people have turned to e-cigarettes as the new popular choice for smoking. This has proved to be costly because research shows that even young people, who never initially smoked, have been giving it a try.

The strong comparison that e-cigarettes have with regards to tobacco products is astounding. This could prove to be the difference between the two. It seems as if things are shaping up to be as they were when, supposedly, smoking wasn’t bad for you.

With recent studies showing that e-cigarettes could potentially be 10x more harmful people must use them with extreme caution, or not at all. In fact, we urge people to avoid smoking in completely. Ask your doctor for more information, I’m sure they’ll have something interesting to say.

If you thought smoking was dangerous you’ve got another thing coming.


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