If Turmeric Is Rubbed Into Your Skin, This Is The Surprising Effect On Your Body

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Thousands of clinical trials have been studying this popular spice and they have all come to a conclusion that Turmeric is an effective alternative drug to many conventional drugs commonly used for different ailments. It has bitter taste and people usually use it as a flavor in curry powders, mustards, cheeses and butters.

The roots of turmeric

It originates from India, and since ancient times, people have been using it in their dishes but also as a natural remedy. Curcumin is its active ingredient which is the main reason why turmeric is so beneficial for our overall health. It contains very powerful anti-inflammatory effects and it can help alleviate cognitive impairment associated with aging. Dr. Oz claims that turmeric can be easily introduced into a diet in order to improve digestion and to prevent many ailments such as menstrual cramps, inflammation of the colon, etc.

Multiple health benefits

As we already mentioned, turmeric provides numerous health benefits and it is as effective as many conventional drugs when it comes to supporting overall health.

–  Antidepressant: Kelly Brogan, MD, claims that turmeric is as powerful as many prescribed antidepressants and it has the ability to reduce depression. It is the best natural substitution for Prozac.

–  Cholesterol: a 2008 study discovered that a standardized preparation of curcumin compares favorably with Lipitor, which is a popular drug that reduces cholesterol.

–  Blood thinner: Turmeric acts as an anticoagulant. It is very similar to aspirin as it has anti-platelet.

–  NSAIDS / Painkiller: the best natural substitute for ibuprofen and naproxen is turmeric because it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Chemotherapy: oxaliplatin is the most commonly used drug in retarding the spread of malignant cells during chemotherapy, and it has been shown that turmeric is as effective as this conventional remedy.

Diabetes: According to a study published in 2009 in Biochemistry and Biophysics,  curcumin is more than 500 times more potent than Metaformin in treating diabetes.

–  Cancer: Numerous studies have confirmed that curcumin may help induce the death of cancer cells.

– Ointment for skin:  many people tend to use salt in order to reduce the pain of sprains, infected wounds, skin ulcers, gum disease, eye infections, acne, ringworm and bruises. Instead of using salt, you should prepare a mixture with turmeric and almond oil and then apply the paste onto the painful area. It will alleviate pain much faster than salt.

Eating fat

In order to make sure that the turmeric is properly assimilated into the body, consume it with a fat source. For instance, you should drink coconut milk and eat butter because they are common fatty foods used in Indian cooking. Try a tasty curry to reap its positive benefits!

Source: healthyfoodvision.com