How To Lose All Of Your Belly Fat Using Vicks Vaporub (Plus Many Other Uses)

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Have you heard about the Vicks VapoRub? Do you know what can it do for you? Well, VapoRub is used to treat all sorts of ailments – coughs, colds, congested nose, stuffiness in the chest and the throat and headaches. The main answer here was what it can do for you. Probably few of you know that this product has been used for several hundred years, and that it can do so much more than you can imagine. Additionally, to this, we will provide you with more ways to make use of this particular product.

Here they are:

  • It can keep away all the mosquitoes, just put some of it on your skin and your clothes and you are good to go.
  • Apply some of the VapoRub under your nose and inhale deeply. Do you know what is going to happen to you? You will be relieved from your sinus headache.
  • Have an acne-free skin with VapoRub. It’s properties will dry the acne and make your skin smoother, just apply it several times a day. It will also moisturise your skin.
  • To get rid of all those bruises, just apply some of this rub on it with a pinch of salt and it will make the bruise dissapear. Furthermore, to alleviate those sore muscles, massage them withthe VapoRub and them warm the parts up with a dry and warm towel. For better results do this 2-3 times a day.
  • Going on a picnic, and don’t like insects? Open a VapoRub bottle and leave it like that on your picnic, you will not see a single insect around you. This is undoubtedly the best trick that is eco-friendly. Also, to make extra sure, put some of the cream on your inner elbows, behind your ears, on the neck and inner knees.
  • If you suffer from tennis elbows, make sure you use the VapoRub until the pain goes away. It will get you back in shape in no time.
  • Apply the Vicks on your chest and throat if you are seeking a remedy for relieving symptoms of congestion and cough.
  • Cracked heels? Toenail fungus? Say goodbye to feet problems with Vicks. To keep your heels smooth all you need to do is put some of the rub on them, put the feet in comfortable socks and keep them overnight. Then, the following morning just wash them wit warm water and exfoliate them with purmice stone. And for those toenails – put some Vicks on the infected area and keep the feet in socks. Do this every day and make sure you cut the infected toenail bit by bit until all of it is gone.
  • If your cat is constantly scratching, just put some Vicks on the windows, doors and walls to prevent her from doing that. Also, to prevent any pet from peeing all over your rugs, just leave an open bottle of VapoRub in those areas.
  • Apply some of the cream on cuts or splinters to prevent an infection or to speed up the healing process.
  • When in a horserace, to keep the horse focused on the race, and not letting it get distracted by the female scent, horseracers put some of the Vicks under the nose of the horse.
  • To make those stretchmarks dissapear, use Vicks VapoRub for two weeks continuously. Apply it on a daily basis and you will be astonshed by the results.
  • Want to ease an eczema inflammation? To relieve yourself from the itchiness of it too, apply some of the Vicks on the infected area and be amazed by the results.
  • To relieve that awful ear pain, either take a cotton ball, take some Vicks and put some on it and put it in your ear, or take a garlic clove, warm it in a microwave for about 10 seconds and put some of the cream on it, then put that in your ear. You will feel relieved within the second.
  • To heal athlete’s feet, apply VapoRub two times a day on the infected area.
  • For removing of warts, apply Vicks on them and cover first with gauze, and then with a sock. Continue this as long as you should, until all of the warts dissapear.
  • Finally, the VapoRub can be used as a cream with which the fat can be reduced. It will stimulate the fat burning process, especially on the legs and abdomen. All you need to do is create a cream out of the Vicks, some baking soda, camphor and a bit of alcohol. Crush the camphor and mix it with all the other ingredients until you get a creamy paste. Apply it and then cover it with black plastic or maybe a clamping strip and let it sit as much as you can, from 30 minutes to over the entire night.

The interesting thing about VapoRub is that is contains an ingredient called levomenthol, which if applied on the skin will lead to rash, but in combination with Vicks it works perfectly, because Vicks also contains eucalyptus oil. Also, in the last segment we mentioned camphor, which can too cause seruous health issues if used alone. So, if you decide to make this paste and use it as a fat burning cream, bear in mind that regular exercise and a fit diet will be of help too.