12 Possible Reasons Of Lower Abdominal Pain

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If you are experiencing pain in your left abdomen, it could be an indicator that some of your abdominal organs are not working properly. Due to the fact that it is crucial to recognize the symptoms on time and consult your doctor as soon as possible, we will present you 12 causes of pain in your lower left abdomen.

  1. Constipation

The most common source of pain is constipation, especially if you have not had a bowel movement for 3 days or longer. There are a few reasons for constipation, such as IBD, IBS, food allergy or intolerance, etc. Modifying your diet, passing stool and increasing hydration are all ways in which you can relief the symptoms.

  1. Kidney disorders

Kidney infection can cause a severe pain in your lower left abdomen and an uncomfortable sensation when urinating. Moreover, this infection can also lead to fever, blood or pus in the urine, persistent urge to urinate, etc. The condition can be treated using prescribed antibiotics.

  1. Appendix

A small tube which lies at the bottom of the large intestine is called the appendix which can be inflamed, thus causing extremely sharp lower back and stomach pain. Moreover, it can cause vomiting, nausea and fever as well. In order to prevent rupture, doctors perform surgery and they remove it. On the other hand, the rupture can cause serious health problems and even death.

  1. Intestinal obstruction

Adhesions, volvulis, hernia and tumors are all obstructions in the intestines. You will experience cramp-type pain which comes and goes away, but you can also experience diarrhea or constipation, nausea, and vomiting. On the off chance that the pain in the lower left abdomen is severe, the patient will need a surgical treatment.

  1. Food poisoning

Food poisoning usually leads to vomiting, fever and diarrhea. Moreover, food poisoning can cause pain in the lower left abdomen which comes and goes away. The best solution is to change the diet, take some antibiotics and hydrate yourself properly.

  1. Bowel-related conditions

You can also experience pain in the lower left abdomen due to IBS and IBD. When it comes to IBD, most common symptoms are vomiting, severe diarrhea and rectal bleeding, while IBS symptoms include passing of stool with mucus, lower abdominal cramping and flatulence. Increased hydration and modified diet can treat the condition.

  1. Diverticulitis

Due to this condition, a bulge forms along the walls of the left bowel which causes fever, diarrhea with sporadic blood, swelling of the region, and sudden emerging pain. The best solution to treat this health condition is by taking prescribed antibiotics, resting after a severe surgery and changing the diet.

  1. Urinary tract disorders

Urinary tract disorders usually cause pain and trouble during urination. On the other hand, the pain in your lower left abdomen is caused by cystitis bacteria. As a result of these bacteria, the patient can experience sudden pain. in severe cases, it is recommended for the patient to take antibiotics, to undergo surgery in severe cases and to stay well hydrated.

  1. Male-specific disorders

When it comes to men, they can experience pain in their lower left abdomen due to certain disorders specific only for them. Spermatic cord disorders, testes disorders and gonorrhea are the major factors for this pain which is sudden and it can be treated with antibiotics. On the other hand, if the case is severe, the patient must undergo surgery.

  1. Female-specific conditions

Ectopic pregnancy is yet another reason for abdominal pain. Moreover, endometriosis which is actually the outside growth of uterine tissue in the uterus can also be a possible cause of the pain. The patient dealing with this problem can experience pressure, heaviness, nausea and vomiting. Analgesics will help if the pain is mild, but if it is severe, than the patient needs to undergo surgery.

  1. Skin conditions

Your lower left abdomen can be in pain due to certain skin conditions such as dermatitis and shingles. Irritation and itching are the most common symptoms along with burning sensations. Surgical treatment, increased hydration and antibiotics are one of the best solutions to this problem.

  1. Abdominal blood vessels

Our abdomen is actually the mainstay for the two largest vessels. You can experience pain in your lower left abdomen due to blood vessel conditions such as Henoch-Schonlein purpura, hereditary angioedema, atherosclerosis, and aneurysms in the aorta. You can treat the conditions with prescribed antibiotics and surgical treatment.

Make sure to consult your doctor as soon as possible if you notice that the pain stays around for too long, because different conditions have different diagnostic approaches.

Source: healthiestalternative.com