Did You Know That Everyone Who Wore Braces Will Be Suffering From Cancer In 20 Years? Find Out More!

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There are many people worldwide who wore or are still wearing braces and they have probably asked themselves about what consequences they could suffer from using these devices. You should know that all those metals such as iron and nickel put in our mouth are harmful to our health.

The Faculty of Odontology at the University of Buenos Aires conducted a study which discovered that using braces can lead to deadly consequences. They examined a 31-years-old patient who was complaining of a severe discomfort in his mouth. After the examinations, the doctors diagnosed him with a strange osteosarcoma which is a type of cancerous tumor in the jaw.

After a thorough research and investigation, the doctors revealed that they have discovered a deformation on the patient’s teeth: most of the places where he wore braces, his loose or fixed teeth felt severe pain. Moreover, a large number of metals were found in the tumor which were actually very common in the manufacture of dental braces.

Unfortunately, the patient’s treatment wasn’t successful which is why the cancer spread all over his mouth. Since then, doctors started to conduct even more researchers concerning this condition. The results showed that braces are not healthy for us to wear them for too long.

On the other hand, if we do decide to wear them, we should definitely try to maintain a balanced diet, because that guarantees these metals are in a good condition. Many patients who wore braces claimed that they have suffered some of the symptoms. However, a proper nutrition and a balanced diet will help us wear braces and improve our overall health as well.

Source: homehealthyrecipes.com