These Are Some Of The Ingredients Which Can Be Fatal: Most Of Us Have Them In Our Kitchens!

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We are all aware of the fact that we consume harmful products on a daily basis that put in danger our overall health. You should definitely look at the foods which you need to avoid if you want to stay safe and healthy.


Its leaves contain oxalic acid which leads to kidney stomes. It should also be mentioned that the consumption of 5 kg of this plant can be detrimental and can lead to death. Smaller quantities can cause serious health issues as well.


There are bitter and sweet almonds. The bitter ones contain large quantities of hydrogen cyanide which is why eating 7 to 10 of them can be fatal for children and can lead to severe ailments In adults.


Sometimes, potatoes have a greenish bark and when unconsumed for a longer period of time, they tend to develop sprouts which contain glycoalkaloids-known chemical compounds. They have the ability to cause coma, diarrhea and even death. This means that you should get rid of that bag of potatoes that has been in storage for many days.


The consumption of 5.5 grams of nutmeg can cause spasm. On the other hand, 8 grams can lead to a condition known as nutmeg psychosis, a transient mental health disorder characterized by symptoms like disorientation, hallucinations, and hyperexcitation.


Tuna has the ability to absorb mercury on its meat, which if enters in your organims, it will go out of the kidneys and will penetrate the brain. This is why pregnant women and children should avoid eating tuna.