This Simple Home Remedy Will Get Rid Of Canker Sores And Other Ailments Immediately

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The best solution for many ailments such as sunburns, cancer sores and  many other is tea because it has many natural and healing properties. For instance, black and green tea are extremely effective when it comes to soothing the skin. You can use both warm and cool teabags for the treatment.

Different ways to treat ailments with the help of a tea bag:

Warts –tea is the best solution as it contains tannic acid which helps shrink the wart and it can also help your body to treat skin virus that causes them in the first place. All you have to do is to apply tea bag on the wart and let it act for 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure twice a day and the wart will start shrinking.

Pink eye –bioflavonoids have the ability to reduce inflammation and fight bacterial infections, but you should first get the antibiotics from your doctor. In order to get a relief, you should place wet and cool tea bag on the affected area and let it act for ten minutes.

Bruises – the best solution is green or black tea since they contain tannins which reduce swelling and heal blood vessels. You can drink a cup of tea which will relieve the pain. Another solution is to dip a tea bag in hot water, let it cool and then place it on the affected area.

Sunburns – in order to reduce swelling and relieve pain, you should apply wet and cooled tea bag on the affected area. On the other hand, if a larger portion is burnt, then you should definitely have to throw a few tea bags into a bath with lukewarm water and soak in it.

Razor burn –in order to reduce the inflammation and the pain caused by razor burn, take a cool and wet tea bag and press it against the affected area.

Antioxidant bath – all you have to do is to hang the tea bags over the faucet and let the water run over them as the bath is filled with water, or just drop the tea bags into the water. To get the best relaxation for your body, use jasmine or chamomile tea.

Tired eyes – to provide soothing effects, make sure to place cooled and wet tea bags on your eyes.

Insect bites – in order to draw the toxins and to reduce the pain and swelling, gently rub a wet and cooled tea bag on the sting or bite.

Feet odor –tea bags are also able to remove the bad odor from the feet because they contain tannic acid. All you have to do is to soak your feet in black tea for 20 minutes on a daily basis for one week and you will notice great improvements.

Acne – the tea contains antioxidants that are great for the immune system. This is why you should drink tea to fight acne. Another solution is to apply cool and wet tea bag on the affected area for 20 minutes.

Canker sores –make sure to apply lukewarm tea bag directly on the affected area and hold it for 5 minutes. This will reduce the pain and the swelling, just make sure to repeat this method several times per day.

Fresh breath –in order to make a mouthwash, use a twice brewed tea bag of peppermint or green tea.