An Inspiring Story About a Fresh Start at Life… Maybe it’s The Inspiration You Need!

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by Steven Gordon

I read an amazing story a couple days ago and I could not wait to share it with all of you. Sometimes we get so mixed up in uplifting quotes and motivational images that we forget how much of an impact real life stories can have on us.

This story really touched my heart and made me think… how many people would do this if they could?

Inspiring Story For All!

In 2010 a couple went on their honeymoon to Hawaii and immediately felt a spiritual connection to the island. They couldn’t put their finger on it but the island had effected them and they didn’t know yet but it was about to change them forever!

They enjoyed the beach, their hotel, the ocean and the coconuts. The only thing they didn’t enjoy was the flight back to their hometown. As they joked about one day moving to Hawaii, they had no idea that that’s where life might take them eventually.

Who would really think that such a paradise could really become a reality?

After their trip, the dream was pushed to the back of their minds and stayed there for 2 years. At some point in the following year, the husbands father passed away and it triggered a need for change.

Shortly after, he quit is job, lost weight, and pledged to live a life with no regrets. And no regrets he would live… within the next two years, him and his wife and his children had planned their move to Hawaii.

After living in Hawaii the family learned to live a simple life and learned to adjust to the culture of another world. The eye opening experience allowed them to appreciate the small things in life and also allowed them to look back at all the material possessions they used to have that they simply didn’t need!

One of the most influential elements of this story was the husband noting that we put off our dreams for too long. Days turn into weeks, turn into months, which turn into years… until before you know it you’ve lived a huge portion of your life without pursuing the dream that you think about every night before bed.

Material possessions are not the key to happiness and they never will be.

Even if moving to Hawaii isn’t your dream, this story is applicable in every sense of your life! Whether you have a weight loss dream, a dream job or dream destination… go for it! Don’t put it off any longer because time really does fly.

Ask yourself, “what are my dreams?”

I know you’ve heard before from your parents when you were a child, or from a Disney movie that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Well guess what… this is true! And your dream is in your mind so you are the only one that can make it happen!

I hope this story inspired you like it inspired me! These are real people that followed their hearts… follow yours!