New Untested GMO Potatoes In Stores Around The Country. Here’s How to Avoid Them

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One of the biggest controversies in this era is genetically modified food. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans indicate that genetically modified food should be labeled, the United States still does not have any requirements regarding the labeling of genetically modified food.

That can make it tricky to avoid GMOs in your diet. Even if you make a point of only buying organic produce, most packaged foods do not indicate whether or not they use genetically modified ingredients. That means that any time you want to enjoy the convenience of a packaged food, you have to think twice.

Now that genetically modified potatoes are becoming a bigger part of the market, it may seem even more difficult to eradicate GMOs from your diet. Learn more about GMO potatoes and how you can avoid unintentionally buying them.

How New GMO Potatoes Have Been Modified

A variety of potatoes have been modified in this most recent round of genetic modification. Affected varieties include russet, red, and Atlantic potatoes. The chemical acrylamide has been removed from these potatoes, although there is no research to indicate that this chemical poses any threat to human health.

Furthermore, potatoes that have undergone genetic modification have been altered to bruise less easily. Bruising is very common during the transportation and storage of potatoes, leading to the disposal of more than three billion pounds of potatoes each year.Some varieties of potatoes have been altered to brown less and to do so less quickly.

Why These Potatoes Don’t Belong in Your Home

Just like any other genetically modified food, these potatoes should never make it into your shopping cart. Yes, potatoes that bruise and brown less are convenient. But food is not about convenience. It is about nourishing your body with the best nutrition available.Potatoes are naturally meant to bruise and brown.

This shows you when they should be thrown away or when they are close to going bad. Without these indicators, you could very well ingest potatoes that are going bad and losing their nutritional value.

Tips to Avoid GMO Potatoes

Since there is no legal requirement to label franken-potatoes, it is up to you to be an informed consumer and take steps to avoid purchasing or eating genetically modified potatoes. You can go a long way by following these tips:

  • When buying potatoes, look for a label that advertises less browning or bruising. This is a good indication that the potatoes in the bag are genetically modified.
  • Stay away from processed potato products. This includes frozen potatoes, potato chips, and French fries from restaurants. These places have no obligation to disclose their potato source, so they may well use GMO potatoes.
  • When possible, only buy organic potatoes.
  • Buy local from a source you trust. If you build a relationship with a local farm, you can find farmers who do not use GMO seed. This may also allow you to enjoy fresher and tastier produce.

It is important to keep up the fight for labeling of genetically modified food. Until that happens, however, use these tips to avoid GMO potatoes.


Unlabeled GMO Potatoes Have Landed on Store Shelves; 6 Steps to Avoid Them